John R. Keuffer, III CDCA, CNE, CVA Executive Director

“As an Executive Director of a small nonprofit I wear a lot of hats. It’s hard to juggle all those hats and remain objective and creative in completing an annual report. Hiring Daria was a tremendous help and value. Annual report done timely, was easily accessible and the final product better than expected.”
John R. Keuffer, III CDCA, CNE, CVAExecutive Director

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I'm a free spirited woman who loves to connect to people, places and things. An example, you ask? People - my mother, my daughter, my brothers, father, grandfathers, friends (Male & Female), co-workers, and so many more. Places -- the Jersey shore, ANY shoreline, mountains, trees, meadows, Bucks County and all its little nooks and crannies, restaurants, museums and art! Things -- well my cats (though they are NOT things, but wonderful God's creatures), all the dogs in my life, books, music, chocolate, wine & travel, lol!