Case Studies

Your Case Study will consist of a basic configuration containing 800 – 2,000 words.

Your Case Study will talk about:

  • The background of the nonprofit or organization (what the nonprofit does, who they serve, etc.)
  • The challenge the nonprofit or organization faced (and how those challenges were impacting the nonprofit)
  • The solution to their challenge (different marketing technique, large direct mailing, qualify prospects differently, etc.)
  • The results (how the solution benefited the nonprofit or organization, and hence, their clients)
  • We can also add some sidebars, or strong quotes from the clients

Of the utmost importance – I’ll interview your clients with a set of questions (approved by you) so that they can tell their story, and how they were helped.

This will involve a 45 – 60 minute conversation via some sort of online, or even in-person conferencing

That material will be transcribed and organized into the preliminary Case Study.  The nonprofit will look over the material, get approval from their legal department if necessary, and then the clients who were helped will approve the content

Up to two revision sessions will be offered.  Then the final copy written and forwarded to the nonprofit that will tell the successful story of their challenge and solution. 

Please contact me, Daria Walsh, for a 15-minute discussion of the format and process for preparation of your Case Study, as well as pricing.  Thank you.

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