About Me

I used to live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, about 20 miles north of Philadelphia. Now I’m living in Harrisburg, North Carolina, right outside of Charlotte. I attended the College of New Jersey and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Management. Studied with Baypath University for a Master’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management.


  • I started my career at Princeton University and worked in their fundraising department. This was before fundraising was really recognized as a profession — but what a place to start!


  • Many of the alumni were executives in the development department (“Development” is what they call fundraising.  “Advancement” is another term for it.)  So I learned from the best.


  • I eventually became a Prospect Researcher.  As a researcher, we wrote biographical profiles outlining potential donors’ linkage to the University, their ability to donate, and how interested they were in placing our University at the top of their philanthropic list.


  • For instance, if your college or church came to you and asked you for a million dollars — would you be able to provide that? Or would you think they were crazy.  Would you be offended they didn’t know enough about you to make a correct ask for a donation at an affordable level?


  • That’s the purpose of Prospect Research — to help determine a ballpark picture about the future donor and help the front-line fundraiser make the ask for a gift through this information.


  • After Princeton, I decided that in order to obtain different experiences and move steadily up, I should try other places. And so I did — Bryn Mawr College, Pennsbury Manor, University of Delaware, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Foundation, and more.


  • I went from learning fundraising from the wonderful ground floor of Princeton, to managing different research departments.  Also, I moved up and into being a front-line fundraiser, manager, and grant writer.


  • I attended many Prospect Research conferences, became a presenter at a few, became the Vice President of a local Research Chapter, and more.  It was, and is, a wonderful career path, and I loved every minute of it.  I feel fortunate to have worked for some of the best organizations on the East Coast.


  • My passion has always been reading and writing — and writing for a certain cause — what could be more worthwhile? I’d like to share my experience and passion for your cause. Let’s work together to make our world the wonderful place it was meant to be. I take this very seriously.


  • Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to working with you.
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